Technical veneer 0.6 mm thick


12,90  / square meter

Standard length: 2700 mm
Standard width: 620 mm
Thickness: ca. 0,6 mm +/- 0,1 mm
Base price per sheet 21,60€

FSC or PEFC certified

delivery time: 4-6 weeks



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Product contains: 1 square meter

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Design veneer, technical veneer with the following standard dimension:

Standard length: 2700 mm
Standard width: 620 mm
Thickness: ca. 0,6 mm +/- 0,1 mm

The Finnish light birch veneer naturally has a special luminosity and shine.

This design veneer is made of many fine real wood lamellas made of FSC or PEFC certified wood, pressed and surface-glued in several production processes and then processed into this flat veneer and is criss-crossed with colorful stripes.

Due to the high lightfastness, the addition of our technically modified veneers in the same shade is possible over a long period of time.

The technically modified veneers have the same properties as the natural veneers and can be processed easily and without problems.

We can provide a wide range of beautiful natural colours as standard. Custom-made colours.
This creates a greater recognition value and is individual in the planning of your customer requirements.

The Linea Design Veneer creates a greater recognition value and is individual when planning for your customer requirements.
The design veneer , multilaminar , also called Fineline , is ideal for interior construction, door and panel production, ceilings, walls.

Real wood veneer

The design veneer in Linea optics is also used in large extensions such as airports, hospitals, public buildings, old people's homes, bank interiors.

The sustainable, forestry management of European forests is important to us.

The veneers are used like the traditional veneers. An ideal surface material for furniture and fittings, interior walls, ceilings, doors, acoustic boards, panels, interior design etc.

We can guarantee permanent reproducibility and the best availability.
The origin of our raw material is always traceable.

Our wood veneers are FSC or PEFC certified.

Emission class EN 717-1 (formaldehyde).

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Weight 2 kg
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0,6 mm

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Bitte testen Sie anhand von Musterblättern mit gewählter Oberflächenbehandlung,
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oder ob zusätzliche Maßnahmen erforderlich sind.